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Sunday, June 24, 2007

What Is VOIP And How It Works

What is VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a technology that is continuing to grow in the telecommunications market. VoIP is a telecommunications service that allows you to talk and transmit audio over the internet and surfaced in the mid 90's. VoIP uses a type of network that is called packet switching; a standard telephone system uses circuit switching which is a much more expensive. So if you want to talk for a cheaper price than VoIP is the way to go.

Normally with VoIP you will still make calls by using a handset that is connected to your computer, however in the 90's many companies decided to introduce free VoIP which allowed you through your computer with very simple controls talk to people over your computer screen for free, these day however most of these companies have been forced to charge a small charge to use their service. Nevertheless there are still services out there which you can still use for free, some of these include – MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype and many many more. Many of these programs are referred to as instant messaging and allow you to call from PC to PC and make calls with 2 or more people.

Programs like this are a great was to talk to friends and family for as long as you want anywhere around the world for free, it is so easy to use and we will begin to see a large amount of our population becoming apart of this community. All you need to make these free VoIP services work is have a PC, the program installed, speakers and a microphone, after this you will be set to go with your VoIP and you will be able to talk for free to anyone around the world. It is however important to note that although you will be able to talk from PC to PC with these free VoIP services you will not be able to make PC to phone calls with them, to do this you will have to look at companies that provide you with a full system and charge you a small cost.

The best thing about VoIP however is its price. The price of it is so much cheaper than conventional telecommunications that you will be able to save a large chunk on your phone bill. Most companies that charge for VoIP will not only be able to provide you with discounted local calls, they will be able to provide you with cheap international and long distant calls. If you are looking to switch over to VoIP from a conventional telephone than I will just recommend one thing, go for a service that is going to provide you with all the required hardware and handsets and a service that is reliable and stable. Lastly one of the other great things of VoIP is that if you have it installed on a laptop you are able to take it with you anywhere within the world and still make calls using the same number and ID. VoIP is an excellent service that can provide you with a lot of saving and for you that means some extra money into your pocket.

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