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Friday, June 8, 2007

Voip Reaches New Heights With Advancing Technology

VoIP is part of a trillion dollar communications industry. This industry is being revolutionized as old technology is abandoned in favor of new. Those pioneering the new advanced VoIP are poised to grow rapidly over the next few years. Those who succeed will be sitting solidly on a real 'thoroughbred'.

I was involved at the beginning of one company which began operations about two years ago. This company was named Kazil. It was pioneering advanced VoIP, however a decision by management at that time to move it's base to India was indeed flawed. From that point the technical difficulties wher not resolved by the technicians there and hence it ran into financial difficulties.

About 6 weeks ago Kazil was taken over by Dave Coombe (US) who promptly pulled the company out of India back to Washington USA. Basically the old Kazil was gone. Dave Coombe set about reconstructing a new company out of what were ashes. The VoIP was put on another platform which is patent pending. The new company was named Global 1 Touch. One of the best decisions made was the retaining of the chief technical director of Kazil, Lars. Lars is a technical wiz z and tireless worker. Additionally Dave Coombe offered all the agents of the former Kazil to join the new company at no cost and honoured any payments accumulated from within Kazil. A wise move indeed. He retained a solid and dedicated set of willing workers in doing so even though it was at a large expense.

Now we come to an amazing fact. In 6 weeks this advanced VoIP service has literally exploded into action. There are now 3000 members and growing tremendously week on week. Plus the VoIP service is proving to be of the highest quality. Week on week new features of the service are being plugged on and it is quite exciting to be a part of it.

In the six weeks Global1 Touch has now by far the greatest worldwide network of services than anyone else.

What other service do you know that you can use an ordinary cell phone and dial a connection that will be VoIP? No internet connection required? Or landline for that matter! No pins or cards required.

There are a huge range of additional features in the pipeline which will make this company one of the leaders very soon. Global 1 Touch will soon be recognised as a 'Brand' throughout the world.

The wonderful thing about this communications business is that it transcends all boundaries. Like Bill Gates once said 'The world is becoming flat'. Am dealing with people with regard to Global 1 Touch throughout the world. The Russians are particularly responding very well and are a strong contingent in the Global 1 Touch membership.

This company spreads it's services using a network of agents. These benefit as agents by receiving a percentage of revenue from income paid in to Global 1 Touch by those they personally introduced. Additionally they receive other payments. A very good compensation plan is in place.

The progress and quality of the services achieved in just the 6 weeks has truly inspired real confidence in all the agents.

I could certainly write a lot more but I don't wish to give you eyestrain. How about watching a movie?
That's more like it you say. This is about 5 minutes long. Be sure to have your headphones or speakers on. Go to http://www.global1touch.com/world once there click on 'Watch the Movie'.

Thank you for reading etc. Mike Moore

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