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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Comcast's High Speed Internet Makes Downloading New Software Easy

There are a lot of advantages that come from having a broadband Internet connection. Basically, the faster your connection to the Internet, the better access you'll have to a huge variety of resources that you can use for entertainment, productivity, and just plain maintaining a healthy computer. Fortunately, high speed Internet access is available for an affordable price through some cable companies. Digital cable technology is used to provide customers with TV programming and a high speed Internet connection. This broadband digital cable technology can deliver download speeds up to 8MB per second which opens up some interesting possibilities that even other technologies like DSL and satellite Internet don't.

One interesting possibility that broadband cable high speed Internet service opens up that's more difficult with slower connections is downloading software for your computer. This can be a great way to get a lot of different things accomplished. For example, if you suspect that your computer has a virus, you'll be able to download the latest addition of an anti virus software program. This way you can go ahead and start fixing the problem without taking the time to go to the store or waiting for a CD-ROM to show up in the mail. In this case, a high speed Internet connection can help you get up and running sooner after something goes wrong.

By the same merit, if you need specific types of productivity software, there's a good chance that high speed Internet access will enable you to download them from the Internet. There are often trial versions of specific software programs available from the web sites of the firms that make the software, and it's often possible to buy the full version online. The only problem with buying software online is the possibility that it's pirated. In the case that the software you're buying online is pirated, you'll be breaking the law and taking a substantial risk of downloading some pretty severe viruses, so it's a good idea to be careful.

Open source software provides a great opportunity to get a wide variety of software just by downloading it off the Internet. Open source software developed by professional computer programers and distributed free of charge. Openoffice.org is a popular open source software package that's similar to- and in many cases compatible with- Microsoft Office. There are also entire operating systems that can be downloaded for free. There are a lot of advantages to downloading open source software to your computer using high speed Internet connection. Including the fact that you can't be charged with pirating the software and you're less likely to get a virus. (And even if you do get a virus, at least you didn't pay someone to give your computer the virus!)

No matter what software you decide to download off of the Internet, high speed Internet technology provides a great way to get it. That's because it has the speed to download the software quickly, plus the connection is always on so that it won't be interrupted in the middle of an especially large download.

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