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Friday, June 29, 2007

Wholesale VoIP Carrier Services- The Right Way to Profit

Venturing into wholesale VoIP carrier services is one of the most profitable prepositions for those looking to become a player of the telecommunication industry. VoIP services are a relatively newer concept which has gained popularity over a passage of time with its numerous advantages. From being cost-effective to providing the similar voice quality as traditional PSTN or PBX to helping the businesses to unify their communication structure among various branches, it has provided a modern solution to all the telephony needs of the business houses. This in turn has led to the increase in the number of wholesale carrier providers to keep up with the growing demand for VoIP call transmission services.

Wholesalers have to make a certain level of initial capital investment for procuring infrastructure and technical equipments. Their capital investment, thus, is more than what the resellers are required to make, but it gives them the advantage of standing at a level higher than them and additionally their profit is higher than the VoIP resellers. This is because buying minutes in bulk means that minutes come at a discounted price. It would, thereby, not be wrong to state that it is the wholesale VoIP suppliers who decide the market price of voice over IP services.

There are a number of VoIP service providers who offer wholesale VoIP solutions. Wholesalers have to select the best among the various providers of VoIP. One of the most important guidelines to follow would be to micro-select the service provider who will provide the best voice quality. While dealing in telecommunication industry, their customers would judge them on the basis of the quality of service provided.

One can ensure bounteous service by opting for a provider with multiple points of presence and switches. This will not just help you to earn more profit (since your call will be routed by the shortest distance possible) but will also cut down on the latency achieving faster connectivity. Another feature that wholesalers can avail is least cost routing. By means of this, the calls will be transmitted through the route which is least expensive. VoIP wholesale providers thus will earn more profits with every call that is transmitted.

Besides this, there are some VoIP call transmission providers who offer online CDR through real time billing. With the help of this customised panel, call termination wholesale provider will be able to maintain a record of each of his voice over IP resellers with the benefit of monitoring it at his own comfort 24/7.

It is recommended that a wholesaler researches well and also analyses his requirements before opting for any provider.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

VOIP Problems

VoIP is a means of telephone service made available through the ever-expanding popularity of broadband internet service. VoIP (or "Voice over Internet Protocol") services enable users to call extremely long distances over the World Wide Web without accruing large conventional long-distance telephone fees. In order to use VoIP, customers must have an existing broadband internet connection in place. The VoIP carrier provides a new phone number, access to the service, and for an additional fee, the phone equipment as well. While companies such as Vonage and Skype helped pioneer the industry by making people more aware of the technology, large conventional telephone carriers are also stepping up in order to offer their own VoIP services, proving that the technology is maturing. However, despite the large backing of major telephone carriers, VoIP still isn't perfect.

The most notable of existing VoIP problems is the lack of an adequate infrastructure and effective backend system. Though as the companies and divisions that are devoted to VoIP services implement increasing usable standards in place this aspect grows less worrisome. However, in the beginning, billing issues as well as IP concerns had some companies, particularly those that specialized in conventional phone services, reeling.

Another large weakness that VoIP exhibits when compared to traditional home phone service is that VoIP is reliant on a broadband connection (dial-up internet is too slow), service up-time, and power, whereas a traditional phone service combined with an older, powerless phone needs none of them. While broadband internet service has become much more reliable in recent years, it is still not as dependable as conventional telephone lines. This means that if there is a problem with internet service, there will be no telephone service as well. While this can be very inconvenient for home use, it can be downright devastating for businesses that find themselves in a situation with no phones. Additionally, the unavailability of telephone service during a power interruption can leave people stranded with no phone service during emergencies, which can have life-threatening consequences.

Finally, the quality of phone calls that VoIP services offer can range from very good to very unacceptable. While many customers rave about their clear service, others regularly complain of dropped calls, strange sounds, delays, and echo. Delays are commonplace in VoIP phone calls and many expect the problems to become worse before they get better because, as with anything else on the internet, VoIP calling is subject to hacking. Therefore, companies will be scrambling to implement security patches in place, possibly at the sacrifice of quality, at least at first.

However, even though VoIP may not be as reliable as traditional telephone communication just yet, there really should be no surprise. Traditional telephone services have had the better part of a century in which to perfect their networks and it still isn't perfect, either. For the cost, VoIP cannot be beat if you have a contingency line in case your power or broadband goes out. If you already have broadband internet service then the equipment and monthly VoIP service fees should be affordable enough to utilize the service in spite of its flaws – which are only going to become minuter as the technology matures.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

What Is VOIP And How It Works

What is VoIP? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a technology that is continuing to grow in the telecommunications market. VoIP is a telecommunications service that allows you to talk and transmit audio over the internet and surfaced in the mid 90's. VoIP uses a type of network that is called packet switching; a standard telephone system uses circuit switching which is a much more expensive. So if you want to talk for a cheaper price than VoIP is the way to go.

Normally with VoIP you will still make calls by using a handset that is connected to your computer, however in the 90's many companies decided to introduce free VoIP which allowed you through your computer with very simple controls talk to people over your computer screen for free, these day however most of these companies have been forced to charge a small charge to use their service. Nevertheless there are still services out there which you can still use for free, some of these include – MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype and many many more. Many of these programs are referred to as instant messaging and allow you to call from PC to PC and make calls with 2 or more people.

Programs like this are a great was to talk to friends and family for as long as you want anywhere around the world for free, it is so easy to use and we will begin to see a large amount of our population becoming apart of this community. All you need to make these free VoIP services work is have a PC, the program installed, speakers and a microphone, after this you will be set to go with your VoIP and you will be able to talk for free to anyone around the world. It is however important to note that although you will be able to talk from PC to PC with these free VoIP services you will not be able to make PC to phone calls with them, to do this you will have to look at companies that provide you with a full system and charge you a small cost.

The best thing about VoIP however is its price. The price of it is so much cheaper than conventional telecommunications that you will be able to save a large chunk on your phone bill. Most companies that charge for VoIP will not only be able to provide you with discounted local calls, they will be able to provide you with cheap international and long distant calls. If you are looking to switch over to VoIP from a conventional telephone than I will just recommend one thing, go for a service that is going to provide you with all the required hardware and handsets and a service that is reliable and stable. Lastly one of the other great things of VoIP is that if you have it installed on a laptop you are able to take it with you anywhere within the world and still make calls using the same number and ID. VoIP is an excellent service that can provide you with a lot of saving and for you that means some extra money into your pocket.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

How To Choose VOIP Service Plans And Companies

One popular VOIP service provider that has a growing audience is Skype. You can make and receive free calls to all Skype users as well as make telephone calls to other numbers for a small fee. With over two hundred providers of internet phone calling, you need to check and compare al providers to see how they rate, what it will cost you and what types of plans they have available. The voiP service is a blessing for saving money if you take the right plan and do not have any hidden costs later on. There are many things to consider when choosing a provider of internet phone service.

The first thing to consider is the provider and services itself. How long has the service been available and how do users rate it. Once you find a voiP service, check what people are saying, all they satisfied and do they experience any problems. The second thing to consider is the plan itself, does it provide international calling and how much does it cost you. What is the calling area for the standard plan? You should be able to call anywhere in the country you live in for the service to be beneficial.

The next and most important thing to find out is, how many dropped calls does the voiP service have in a given period. If you are on an important call, you do not want to lose your connection. Also, find out if you will have the option to do conference calls. This is important when conducting over the phone business. If all these things satisfy you, then you have found a good VOIP service provider that should accommodate your needs. Since there are so many to choose from, you should not have a problem finding one that meets all your needs.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

VoIP Phones - Avail The Cost Effective Calling

Voice over Internet Phones or VoIP Phones works in simple methods. In simple term, VoIP can be understood as a tool to make telephones calls through Internet. Question will arise that what are the significance of making telephones calls through Internet. The most important benefit that one can avail through Internet telephony is cheap calling rates. Making regularly ISD calls for several people might be a costly affair. But, calling through VoIP lets them call to any destination of the world at much lower rate than what they pay through telephones bills.

How does the VoIP Phones work must be your next question. Through VoIP our voice is converted into digital signals, which are transmitted through Internet. The technology used in VoIP is based on protocols like H.323, SIP and Skype. Without going anymore technical, lets discuss about what are the things required for availing VoIP services. Basically, you need three things – VoIP hardwares, Internet connection, and subscription to VoIP service. VoIP hardwares will include softphone, adopter and VoIP compatible router.

If you want to save yourself from such hassles of hardwares, simply buy a specialised VoIP Phone. It is just like your cordless phone. With growing competition has made several phone makers to come up with high quality of VoIP Phones. The most noticeable benefit of such phones is that it allows you to make call anywhere in the world at cheaper rate. Even some of service providers have plans letting you to make unlimited calls anywhere in the world. It also assures you better quality of voice, unlike the usual telephone connection. These are the reasons why VoIP phones are in becoming much in vogue today not only in corporate life, but also in one's personal life. And including such modern communication tool can make great difference in our life.


Monday, June 11, 2007

VoIP Solution - The Sole Solution To The Communication Needs Of Business

The telecommunication industry has been given a facelift by the arrival of a relatively new technology called VoIP. It has taken the business world by storm, providing a number of advantages that ultimately account for increased profits of the business entity.

Gradually, both small and large companies are opting for voice over Internet protocol solutions in order to maximise their profits, enhanced productivity and for robust security features.

Service providers of VoIP offer services like VoIP solution, VoIP telephony services and wholesale carrier services and reseller programs.

VoIP solution is the best service that a business could get to improve their communication department and minimise their monthly phone bills. Ideally, it is most suitable for contact centres since they have to provide support to their local, national and international clients. By utilising the services of VoIP, it becomes incredibly cheaper to make calls.

ISP and ITSP's can make use of voice over IP to increase their profits and productivity. Internet service providers sell broadband connections to their customers. They can add on VoIP to their services and thus offer a complete package to their clients. Internet telephony service providers on the other hand provide local, long distance and international telephony services to their clients. They can utilise voice over Internet protocol for call transmission, thereby cutting down their expenses considerably and raising up their profits as a result. Since the call transmission would be cheaper, they can further reduce calling prices, thereby attracting the customers and increasing their sales.

A large number of network solutions, and hardware and software production companies, have also started presetting their devices with voice over IP. As a result, clients find it better to purchase their devices, since it is providing a wholesome service to them and saving them the time and money to search for another provider for VoIP or the device.

Good service providers offer customised reseller programs wherein resellers get the privilege to sell the service using their own brand name. As a result, they get the benefits of having their own telephony services without making a huge investment in setting up infrastructure and procuring technical equipments that are needed for call transmission.

Similarly, call back service providers, call shops, PC to phone service companies, and system integrators too can utilise voice over Internet telephony solution to move with the industry trend and be among the first ones to utilise the benefits of this upcoming technology.

VoIP solution is beneficial for all the sectors of the industry and is not dependent on the scale of operations of that sector either. This makes it even more flexible to integrate with an organisation's existing communication department.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Brief History of Video Over IP

Video over IP has an interesting history and it is interesting to learn a little bit about what IP video really is. Basically, video over IP simply refers to the way Internet Protocol, also known as IP, is used to send video and audio. This is simply the step that followed video and audio being delivered over WAN or wide area networks.

Over the years telephony technology has been developed and all of these developments have worked to allow video over IP to exist. Basically, a technology was discovered for use with the phone companies and it was called ATM or asynchronous transfer mode. This was used to for transmitting and switching digital voice date. With the information age it was important to have a type of technology that allowed for moving large amounts of data. The ATM system worked well but as computers and the Internet evolved IP took its place. This was a big decision because changing core networks is no easy or cheap job, but it was a worthwhile one. Telephone companies realized they could save a lot of money by moving voice traffic over IP since all of their data was already transported that way. This decision forced the hand of broadcasters to make the same decision and switch to IP for video transmission. However, lots of research was needed on how to transfer video over IP and a lot of analyses was conducted. Soon, both audio and video were sent over IP and the ATM system was put to rest. Today IP is the best method of sending conference over IP video to homes, businesses, or other computes.

It really is interesting that video over IP could have gotten its start from telephone companies and their changing technologies. However, this is exactly what happened. It truly is interesting to see one thing lead to another as far as technology is concerned and to see how different technologies play on one another. ATM was the best way to send video and audio for some time, but things changed and IP came in and took its place. Who knows if things will change again, but looking back at history it is not entirely crazy to think it will since the only thing constant is change! And that is the basic history of how video over IP came to be. It took a lot of building on old and different technology, but video over IP was born.

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Friday, June 8, 2007

Voip Reaches New Heights With Advancing Technology

VoIP is part of a trillion dollar communications industry. This industry is being revolutionized as old technology is abandoned in favor of new. Those pioneering the new advanced VoIP are poised to grow rapidly over the next few years. Those who succeed will be sitting solidly on a real 'thoroughbred'.

I was involved at the beginning of one company which began operations about two years ago. This company was named Kazil. It was pioneering advanced VoIP, however a decision by management at that time to move it's base to India was indeed flawed. From that point the technical difficulties wher not resolved by the technicians there and hence it ran into financial difficulties.

About 6 weeks ago Kazil was taken over by Dave Coombe (US) who promptly pulled the company out of India back to Washington USA. Basically the old Kazil was gone. Dave Coombe set about reconstructing a new company out of what were ashes. The VoIP was put on another platform which is patent pending. The new company was named Global 1 Touch. One of the best decisions made was the retaining of the chief technical director of Kazil, Lars. Lars is a technical wiz z and tireless worker. Additionally Dave Coombe offered all the agents of the former Kazil to join the new company at no cost and honoured any payments accumulated from within Kazil. A wise move indeed. He retained a solid and dedicated set of willing workers in doing so even though it was at a large expense.

Now we come to an amazing fact. In 6 weeks this advanced VoIP service has literally exploded into action. There are now 3000 members and growing tremendously week on week. Plus the VoIP service is proving to be of the highest quality. Week on week new features of the service are being plugged on and it is quite exciting to be a part of it.

In the six weeks Global1 Touch has now by far the greatest worldwide network of services than anyone else.

What other service do you know that you can use an ordinary cell phone and dial a connection that will be VoIP? No internet connection required? Or landline for that matter! No pins or cards required.

There are a huge range of additional features in the pipeline which will make this company one of the leaders very soon. Global 1 Touch will soon be recognised as a 'Brand' throughout the world.

The wonderful thing about this communications business is that it transcends all boundaries. Like Bill Gates once said 'The world is becoming flat'. Am dealing with people with regard to Global 1 Touch throughout the world. The Russians are particularly responding very well and are a strong contingent in the Global 1 Touch membership.

This company spreads it's services using a network of agents. These benefit as agents by receiving a percentage of revenue from income paid in to Global 1 Touch by those they personally introduced. Additionally they receive other payments. A very good compensation plan is in place.

The progress and quality of the services achieved in just the 6 weeks has truly inspired real confidence in all the agents.

I could certainly write a lot more but I don't wish to give you eyestrain. How about watching a movie?
That's more like it you say. This is about 5 minutes long. Be sure to have your headphones or speakers on. Go to http://www.global1touch.com/world once there click on 'Watch the Movie'.

Thank you for reading etc. Mike Moore

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Comcast's High Speed Internet Makes Downloading New Software Easy

There are a lot of advantages that come from having a broadband Internet connection. Basically, the faster your connection to the Internet, the better access you'll have to a huge variety of resources that you can use for entertainment, productivity, and just plain maintaining a healthy computer. Fortunately, high speed Internet access is available for an affordable price through some cable companies. Digital cable technology is used to provide customers with TV programming and a high speed Internet connection. This broadband digital cable technology can deliver download speeds up to 8MB per second which opens up some interesting possibilities that even other technologies like DSL and satellite Internet don't.

One interesting possibility that broadband cable high speed Internet service opens up that's more difficult with slower connections is downloading software for your computer. This can be a great way to get a lot of different things accomplished. For example, if you suspect that your computer has a virus, you'll be able to download the latest addition of an anti virus software program. This way you can go ahead and start fixing the problem without taking the time to go to the store or waiting for a CD-ROM to show up in the mail. In this case, a high speed Internet connection can help you get up and running sooner after something goes wrong.

By the same merit, if you need specific types of productivity software, there's a good chance that high speed Internet access will enable you to download them from the Internet. There are often trial versions of specific software programs available from the web sites of the firms that make the software, and it's often possible to buy the full version online. The only problem with buying software online is the possibility that it's pirated. In the case that the software you're buying online is pirated, you'll be breaking the law and taking a substantial risk of downloading some pretty severe viruses, so it's a good idea to be careful.

Open source software provides a great opportunity to get a wide variety of software just by downloading it off the Internet. Open source software developed by professional computer programers and distributed free of charge. Openoffice.org is a popular open source software package that's similar to- and in many cases compatible with- Microsoft Office. There are also entire operating systems that can be downloaded for free. There are a lot of advantages to downloading open source software to your computer using high speed Internet connection. Including the fact that you can't be charged with pirating the software and you're less likely to get a virus. (And even if you do get a virus, at least you didn't pay someone to give your computer the virus!)

No matter what software you decide to download off of the Internet, high speed Internet technology provides a great way to get it. That's because it has the speed to download the software quickly, plus the connection is always on so that it won't be interrupted in the middle of an especially large download.

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